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home The Rainbow Circle brings together all people who want to share energy and ideas which could lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle for us all, as an integral part of the natural world in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of the earth. We live in a beautiful land on a beautiful planet that's being trashed. What can we do?

Our camps are experiments in living together co-operatively. They help us to develop awareness, respect and love for our environment and for each other. Rainbow Circle Camps offer ways to learn some skills of the alternative culture. Workshops cover a wide range of alternative topics and each camp has its particular theme which can be explored in depth. Ultimately all the camps are about transformation, evolution and the expansion of our consciousness.

We work on a voluntary basis, offering our services for love rather than money. Our rewards are living together on the land, sharing ideas, feelings, songs and stories, while working and playing together with friends old and new.

Home Each year we hold a number of camps in Britain between May and September; if you'd like to be involved in the camps or want more information, get in touch! We keep the location quiet until just before the camps, so please email or phone Home