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If you've got this far, you might also be interested in some other Rainbow related stuff! Festivals, other camps, ecological and general pagan things.

Festivals and Camps

Our homepage (in case your lost)
Our sitemap (the whole picture)
Luke's photographs
See yourself at Rainbow Circle Camps, Big Green Gathering and Buddhafield, 2002.
Glastonbury Festival
Home Page for the Glastonbury Festival - what's on, jobs. A multi-million pound industry now, almost a theme park.

Big Green Gathering 2-6 August 2006

Big Green Gathering
A green festival, not a pop festival. Learn about permaculture, alternative technologies, sustainable living, composting loos, healings and therapies and tree-dwellings. Music is acoustic or bicycle/solar powered. Absolutely no dogs, lots of space, great atmosphere.
Oak Dragon Camps
They almost faded away in the '90s, but still put on one or two camps per year in Gloucestershire/Somerset. Many good things have come from them in the past.
Rainbow UK
Home to the Rainbow Family in Albion, Somerset.
Spirit Horse Nomadic Camps
Spirit Horse Nomadic Camps
Festival Eye Magazine
Whats happenning on the festival scene. Lists many events but is often late publishing them.
Tribe of Doris
Offers intensive (mostly African) drumming/culture/song/dance workshops/lessons/performances.
ACE Camp
The African Celtic Experience camp. Mid-August extravaganza of African music & dancing workshops, in Camarthenshire.
CampScene Directory
Listing of dates, contact addresses/phone nos. and WWW links for many more camps with a purpose in UK.
Guilfin Ezine
Parties, music, art, campaigns and festivals in the South-East.

Politics, Campaigns, Paganism, Witchcraft, Astrology

Stonehenge Campaign
Aftermath of the Battle of the Cornfield, enabling free access to the Stones.
Rollright Stone Circle
A Stone circle in Oxfordshire
George's Hotlinks
Weekly newsletter from Brighton's Direct Action collective.
Eco Action
Anarchy, direct action. The revolution exists in every moment of our lives.
Village Witchcraft
Practioner of the old ways
Museum of Witchcraft
Witchcraft Museum, Boscastle, Cornwall
Astrological Association of Great Britain
Astrological Association of Great Britain
Cainer's Astrobabble

Goods and services

Pilgrim Travel
Swedish company organising spiritual ecological travel adventures abroad
Eco Friendly Buildings
An eco-friendly earthship for sale in Colorado
Crow Wind Generators
Wind generators and solar power systems
Shelters Unlimited
Tipis to buy in Machynlleth, Powys
Woodland Yurts
Yurts to buy in Clevedon, Somerset
Gloucestershire local websites
Whats on/where in Gloucestershire
Passages Camps. Passages camps did not happen in 2005 because of usual field not being available, but there is some hope for 2006.

Sites That Appear To Be Dead

These sites all failed to respond in the small hours of 23rd and 24th October, 2002. If anyone has an update on these, please email me.

Panit Productions, Journeyman Artist. Come on Panit, get your act together!
Rainbow 2000 and Rainbow Circle grew out of Oak Dragon.
No magic hat here.
Transit, the Astrological Association Events calendar (Their home page is still there, its just the calender that's gone).
Chris's Tipi.
White Dragon Pagan Magazine
Peace Through The Arts Camps
Pilgrims Mind-Body-Spirit Superstore, in Gloucester


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